Bluebell Photoshoot
Session Guide

Well Hello There

So you've got a Bluebell photoshoot coming up! I've put together this guide to give you an idea of what to expect and a few tips on what you can do to make your session go as smoothly as possible. Whilst you may be worrying about what you'll wear and how well behaved everyone will be, and whilst I'd love to guarantee that there will be no tears or tantrums or that the weather will play ball, I can't. What I can tell you though is that when it's all over you'll be so glad that you captured these early years together. And we'll have some laughs and giggles whilst we're doing it. I know how stressful having your family photographed can be, so I'm here to help make it as relaxed and as fun an experience as I can. 

What To Expect

My bluebell photoshoots are short and sweet and I run them back to back. So timekeeping is super important! Please try your best to arrive on time to avoid missing your slot. The bluebell photoshoot will last 25 minutes and in that time I'll take a variety of images: group shots, I might pair you up, some individuals photos. If you have anything specific in mind, please do let me know. I might ask for your help with the kids, especially during the pandemic so social distancing can be maintained. This might be sorting out that hair clip that's slipped or straightening that dress. Or I might just need your help getting the kids attention.

My bluebell photoshoot morning will take place in the woods at Outwood. I will keep on eye on the bluebells and confirm the exact location a few days before the shoot. Please download <What3Words> before your session - this will make it really easy to find each other.  Please bear in mind when choosing footwear that these shoots are in a woodland, may be a bit muddy and you may have a short walk through the trees to get to the location.

Location Location Location

What to Bring

My bluebell photshoots are short so you shouldn't need to bring much. Wipes, obviously, and perhaps a change of clothes for the younger ones, just in case. If you have any cuddly toys or special items that you'd like in the photos please do feel free to bring them along. 

What if the Kids Misbehave? Or Refuse to Smile?

Next up, misbehaving children! Please don't worry about this. Kids will be kids and as a mum myself I've seen it all before. I've got lots of tricks up my sleeves. So don't stress and don't worry if they won't look at the camera or give me a big cheesy grin because I'm after natural moments and smiles anyway. There are a few things you can do to prepare your kids for a family photo shoot though. Just click the button below to find out what these are.


The Great British Weather

Well, we are in England so let's face it, there's a very real possibility the weather won't be on our side! Blue skies and wispy clouds are of course lovely but don't be put off by thicker cloud cover. Especially as we will be in an ancient woodland. Whatever Mother Nature has in store for us, we can take a call the morning of the shoot. Please keep Saturday 1 May / Sunday 2 May (depending on your booked date) free in case it is raining and we have to reschedule.  

What Happens After the Shoot?

After your session I will head on home and spend some time choosing and editing the best photos. When they are ready you will receive an online viewing gallery of beautifully retouched images. This will typically take around a week. After you've had time to look through your gallery, you can choose which 5 images you would like. I will also send you pricing details in case you wish to purchase more images, as well as info on some lovely ways you can display your images.

What to Wear for Your Bluebell Photoshoot

Now the big one! What to wear for your bluebell mini session. This is usually the first thing people worry about. I've put together some info to help you choose outfits that will work really well in the woodland amongst all those lovely blue flowers. 

Styling Tips

Click here for a guide on what to wear for your bluebell photoshoot.



Why not check out my Bluebell photoshoot Pinterest board for some inspiration on choosing your outfits