It takes a certain kind of someone to start their own business. You see, do and achieve what others only daydream about. But you know that to stand out, to really bring your dream to life, you need to be genuine and you need to tell your story.


People buy from those they connect and identify with, that they know and trust. As a business owner, they need to see you, to know you, to be able to engage with you.


And what better way to do that than with a portfolio of beautiful, expressive images that reflect who you are, what you do and what you're trying to achieve? 

You've got a camera, or at least a really good smart phone, right? So do you really need a personal branding shoot by a professional branding photographer? Yes. Because the images you use on your website or social media channels tell a story. Make sure that story is being told the way you want. From composition, to light and tonality, from the little details to focal points. There is a lot to consider. 

So when those selfies or pics you took on your phone just aren't doing you and your story justice anymore, a personal branding photoshoot could be just what you need. From natural headshot photography, to images of you doing your thing, perhaps your workspace or shop, your products, the possibilities are endless. You'll have a set of images that will help you and your business stand out from the crowd.

You can use the images from your personal branding photo shoot in any number of ways, including:

  • Website / online shopfront

  • Branding imagery

  • Social media posts

  • Social media profile photos

  • Advertising / editorials

  • Marketing materials


I aim to capture natural, light-filled branding imagery and headshots. So rather than shoot in a studio, my sessions can take place somewhere that fits with your brand. Perhaps that is in your own home, or premises, or out and about somewhere. We can discuss options beforehand.

I come from a branding and marketing background, with more than a decade of experience under my belt. I have worked for huge multinationals and teeny tiny startups so I know how important it is to capture images that showcase you and your business and that connect and appeal to your audience.

If that sounds good to you, then let's chat...

I offer a couple of different options for your business. You can book a full personal branding session during which we'll get some fresh, natural headshots as well as some images that capture the essence of you and your business. Photos of you at work, your products or premises, the tools you use. Whatever it is that will bring your story to life. I also offer headshot and product photography sessions too.


Whichever personal branding or headshot photography session you choose, you'll get each image in full glorious colour and in beautiful black and white.

If you need something else, please get in touch and we can tailor a plan to suit you and your business.






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