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Christmas Mini Photoshoot
What to Wear

Wondering what to dress your kids in for their Christmas photoshoot? Well, there is good news. There are far fewer rules when it comes to dressing for Christmas photos! Keep scrolling to find out more...

Some Sage Advice

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Colour Scheming

Well it's Christmas isn't it?! Red. Green. Gold. You get the drift. Deep berry shades and navy also work well, as do neutrals like beige, cream and tan. If you have more than one child, just make sure the colours they wear complement each other. 

What Not to Wear

Avoid large, bold patterns as they often dominate the photograph and detract attention from their beautiful faces. Check or plaid is good for a Christmas shoot. But less is definitely more with this one, try to limit yourself to one pattern at a time. Matching patterns is a tricky task, and it’s super difficult to do well. Whilst we're at it, you should also avoid logos and bright colours, as well as black.

Need Some More Inspiration?

If you're looking for a little more inspiration, check out my Pinterest board for some ideas on what to wear for your Christmas mini session.

Christmas Lights Photoshoot Session Guide

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