• Jo Leeson

New In: The Gorgeous Framed Canvas

Did you know that printed photos leads to stronger families? Seriously! The results of a study conducted by Chatbooks and HP in conjunction with development psychologists, had some pretty astonishing conclusions about the impact of looking at printed photos. Not only on a the family as a whole, but on kids, parents, even marriages! Check it out here.

So what is the worst thing you can do with your images? Nothing. Doing absolutely nothing with them is the worst thing you can do! You've invested in professional photography, so don't let them sit gathering dust on your hard drive. Get them up on your walls where you can really enjoy those little moments we captured every day.

print digital photo onto canvas

So how should you display your images?

Well there are a multitude of ways you can display your images, but one of my favourites is to print your digital photos onto canvas. And in particular I love this new framed canvas. It takes the ever popular canvas print, and surrounds it with an elegant, handmade, wooden tray frame with a shadow gap to really make your image pop.

print digital photo onto canvas

But this is no ordinary canvas. Oh no! After editing your image so it looks fab on canvas, it is then printed on a high quality satin canvas, a laminate is expertly applied and a bespoke frame is made.

print digital photo onto canvas

Choice of frames

There are two frame styles to choose from - modern and coastal. Modern is, as you'd expect, a clean, modern wooden frame. Coastal has a more rustic look to it.

print digital photo onto canvas

Ready to hang

It comes ready to hang, of course, with wall buddies to support it and rubber bumpers to ensure your wall is protected from scuffs or scrapes. It rests flat 10mm from the wall.

print digital photo onto canvas

A size to suit all homes

print digital photo onto canvas

Available in a variety of sizes, so you're sure to find the perfect format for that space in your home you're looking to fill.

Standard sizes (inches): 10 x 8 | 12 x 10 | 14 x 11 | 16 x 12 | 18 x 12 | 20 x 16

Square sizes (inches): 12 x 12 | 14 x 14 | 16 x 16 | 18 x 18 | 20 x 20

Need another size? Just let me know!

Found somewhere cheaper?

Found somewhere cheaper to print your digital photos onto canvas? Probably! But before you hit 'print', just hear me out. You've invested in professional photography - don't now scrimp on the printing, because it will show. The images in your gallery are optimised for digital viewing. There is a lot of work that goes into re-editing them for print. When you send one of them off to a cheap online printer, they just won't look nearly as good. Read more about why here.


When you receive your gallery, you can order one of these canvas frames directly from it, unless you want a bespoke size. If that's the case, just drop me a line.

Once you've ordered, we can then chat about your frame style and colour of choice and I can send you a mockup before we order. I'll re-edit your image so it looks amazing on canvas, and send it off. Once I receive the framed canvas, I'll check it make sure I'm happy with it and then will arrange delivery to you.

If you've already had a photoshoot with me but would like to order one of these, just drop me a message.