what to wear sunflower photoshoot

Sunflower Photoshoots


Dressing yourself in the morning can be hard enough when you don’t have to stand in front of a camera and be your best self. Choosing what to wear for a blossom spring family photoshoot can make your nerves start to fizz, but don’t worry. This is very normal! Before you lose sleep to late nights spent online shopping for the whole family, let’s talk about what works and what doesn’t. 

All About You

This is possibly the most important piece of advice when it comes to what to wear to your family sunflower photoshoot. Dress yourself first. No matter what you put the kids in they will look adorable to you because you're their mum and they're your babies. If you manage this process like you do every other aspect of family life (ie putting everyone else before yourself), then you will find yourself rushing around at the last minute, fretting over what you are going to wear that will go with those cute outfits you sorted out for everyone else. And if you don't feel happy and comfortable and beautiful in what you are wearing then you won't like your images. It's as simple as that. So read through this guide, pick out your outfit, and then co-ordinate everyone else with what you are wearing.

Your Colour Palette

Choosing a colour scheme for a sunflower photoshoot is a bit different than dressing for other types of photoshoots. Here, we want to complement the show-stopping sunflowers, not compete with it. Don't be that bridesmaid that upstages the bride! So it's important to choose hues that will work well with the vibrant yellow and green that you we get in a sunflower field.


Dressing for the sunflowers is all about muted neutrals and pastels. A good rule of thumb is to choose three colours that complement your surroundings and build your outfits around that palette.


A sunflower photoshoot is one event where neutrals rule. You cannot go wrong in whites, creams and soft beiges. 

what to wear sunflower photoshoot
what to wear sunflower photoshoot

Add Texture

When it comes to your sunflower photoshoot, so as not to clash with those big gorgeous flowers avoid large bold patterns. If you don't want plain pieces, you can add interest using texture instead. Think pretty lace, delicate tulle or subtle embroidery. Layers can add depth to your images too. More on that below.

Some Top Tips

what to wear sunflower photoshoot

What Not to Wear

When deciding what to wear for your sunflower photoshoot, avoid large, bold patterns as they often dominate the photograph and detract attention from your beautiful faces. Try and stick to pain clothing or something subtle like broderie or soft stripes. Whilst we're at it, you should also avoid logos and bright colours, as well as black. 

Need Some More Inspiration?

If you're looking for a little more inspiration, check out my Pinterest board for some ideas on what to wear for your sunflower photoshoot.

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