Welcome! I'm Jo, a newborn and family photographer based in Surrey and I'd love to freeze a moment in time for you and your family. But choosing a family photographer is a big decision. It's not just about the photos you end up with but the experience you have in getting them. Am I the right fit for you? Why not take a little look around my online home to help you decide

My family photography sessions are bespoke, built just for you because every family is unique. But I know that there are really only a few reasons that people get family photos taken and for most they all tend to apply to some degree.

Firstly, as mums we are acutely aware of how quickly our kids are growing up, how quickly they change and we just want to freeze time. To be able to look back and remember them just as they are now. A beautiful, natural photograph will do just that for you. 


And whilst we perhaps have more photos of our kids than any other generation before us, how many of them are you actually in? We went away with friends last year to Portugal. As I was going through the hundreds of photos I took that week I noticed I was only in one. As a reflection in a pair of Spiderman sunglasses! It's my own fault, I hate having my photo taken, but when my daughter is all grown up I will probably regret that I didn't get more of us together when she was so small.

And the other reason? We often just want to delight those nearest and dearest to us with some beautiful photos of our kids. Grandparents are always thrilled with new pics, far flung aunts, uncles, godparents, cousins we hardly get to see.


So as a mum myself and a family photographer, I get it because I am driven by those very same reasons. I want to freeze time for you, I want to get you in the photo, and I want to create a set of images you'll be proud to share. I strive to capture natural, unposed images that let the magic of childhood shine through. I also make it my personal mission to get more of these photos up on your walls. I want you to get the warm and fuzzies every time you walk past one of your photos, not just once in a blue moon when you open that digital album on your laptop. 


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I live with my husband, daughter and our Labradoodle, Bella. That's them up there. 


Our little girl is seven now and I still can't quite believe how quickly she is growing up. So I totally get it. I get that desire to capture their innocence and purity before you forget it. Childhood really is fleeting. 


On a more personal note, I love reading. I fall asleep most nights with my kindle in my hand. I've probably seen Dirty Dancing more times than anyone should really admit to, and I don't think there is an episode of Friends I haven't seen dozens of times (I'm an 8?!). 


Chocolate is my weakness. I'm not above stealing from my daughter's stash if there is nothing else to satisfy my craving. Ssshhh....

I aim to capture natural, light-filled images of your family during your photo shoot. So rather than shoot the more traditional family portrait in a studio, my sessions are informal and relaxed can either take place in your own home or out and about somewhere lovely. A park, a woodland, or perhaps even a castle (as there are quite a lot of those around here). 

I look for genuine moments and real smiles that will tell your family's story in the most authentic way. I want to capture your little ones personalities so that when you look back at your natural family portrait images in years to come, you will remember not just what they looked like but who they were. 

I also know that more often than not it is mum who takes all the photos and that means that you're never in them. So I take extra care to make sure I capture some lovely shots of you with your babies. Shots that you won't want to delete, that you'll be proud to display and share. I promise! 

So if that sounds good to you, then let's chat...


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