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A Little Bit About Me

I'm Jo and I'm a family photographer. But you already know that. So here are a few things you may not know about me...


I met my husband in London. We married in Bali. Had our daughter in Hong Kong. And now we live in Lingfield, on the Surrey / Sussex / Kent border.


I'm astonished every single day at how quickly our daughter is growing up.  She's 9 now and lives for Roblox.


We have a labradoodle called Bella. Although she's way more lab than poodle.


I love reading. I fall asleep most nights with my kindle in my hand - I do love me a good psychological thriller.


I've seen Dirty Dancing more times than anyone should really admit to. Same goes for Friends. Pivot.


I don't like social media. At all.


But I do like chocolate. Dairy Milk to be specific. And I'm not above stealing from my daughter's stash if there is nothing else to satisfy my craving. Ssshhh...

Oh, and guess what? I have been featured in Shutterturf's top family photographers in London - check it out here.

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