Well Hello!

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A Little Bit About Me

My little family is made up of my husband, daughter and our Labradoodle, Bella. That's them up there. And that's me, hiding behind the camera! Our little girl is 8 now and I still can't quite believe how quickly she is growing up. So I totally get it. I get that desire to capture their innocence and purity before you forget it. It's not a cliche - childhood really is fleeting!


On a more personal note, I love reading. I fall asleep most nights with my kindle in my hand. I've probably seen Dirty Dancing more times than anyone should really admit to, and I don't think there is an episode of Friends I haven't seen dozens of times (I'm an 8?!).  Chocolate is my weakness. I'm not above stealing from my daughter's stash if there is nothing else to satisfy my craving. Ssshhh....

Oh, and guess what? I have been featured in Shutterturf's top family photographers in London - check it out here.