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Family Photographer | Newborn Photographer | Baby Photographer | Business Photographer | West Sussex | East Grinstead | Copyright © {2020}  | Jo Leeson Photography

I'm Jo and I'm a family photographer based in Surrey. I live with my husband, daughter and our Labradoodle, Bella. That's them up there.


Our little girl is six now and I still can't quite believe how quickly she is growing up. So I totally get it. I get that desire to capture their innocence and purity before you forget it. Childhood really is fleeting. 


On a more personal note, I love reading. I fall asleep most nights with my kindle in my hand. I've probably seen Dirty Dancing more times than anyone should really admit to, and I don't think there is an episode of Friends I haven't seen dozens of times (I'm an 8?!). 


Chocolate is my weakness. I'm not above stealing from my daughter's stash if there is nothing else to satisfy my craving. Ssshhh....