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nursery photoshoot

A Quick Guide to Your Nursery Photo Day

I am so excited to be popping by your little one's nursery or preschool to capture some gorgeous images of them for you. It's such a lovely age and these photos will be a sweet keepsake of this stage of their lives. Because it goes by all too quickly. So have a quick scroll through the information here. If you have any questions, please do feel free to get in touch with me or your nursery or preschool.

What to expect


These aren't like regular school portraits. There are no fake backgrounds. No forced smiles. As an experienced outdoor family photographer I am used to photographing small children. So my nursery photoshoots are relaxed, informal and unrushed. I shoot exclusively outdoors and aim to capture natural images of your child that show their personality. I hand edit each image with great care to present you with a gallery of beautiful images of your child. 

nursery photoshoot

Why outdoor nursery photos are better


Outdoor environments have a calming effect on children. The fresh air, gentle breeze and natural sounds can help alleviate any anxiety or restlessness, allowing children to feel more relaxed and at ease whilst having their photos taken.


Outdoor locations offer a diverse range of backdrops, from lush greenery to colorful flowers. These varied backgrounds add loads of visual interest to the images and can complement the children's personalities.​


The great outdoors is often associated with positive emotions such as relaxation, enjoyment or connection with nature. It can only be a good thing then can't it, that these positive associations are reflected in the children's portraits.

nursery photoshoot

What You Need to Know


What your child wears helps convey their own little personality. But try to opt for something simple and comfortable. Solid colours work well but skip bold logos and busy patterns as they can detract attention. If you have siblings, they don't need to match, but try to make sure the colours they wear are complementary. Matching patterns is tricky, so I'd advise you keep it plain for at least one of them. 


The session for each child will be very quick. To give you plenty of choice I'll aim to get some close ups of their lovely little faces and some full body shots too. I have been a family photographer since 2017 and in that time have photographed very confident children who love being in front of the camera, incredibly shy children, and everything in between. I haven't yet had to admit defeat!


Photo day might feel a bit different for your little one. After all, there will be a stranger there pointing a camera at them. To help them feel prepared, have a chat the night before. Tell them that a nice lady will pop by to take some cute photos of them that you will be so excited to see and that all they have to do is have fun!


You don't need to prep your child to say cheese! I'm after natural smiles and giggles and have lots of tricks up my sleeves to get them. And if you're thinking about all the times you've tried and failed to get a nice photo of your little one with a nice smile on their face, don't worry! They are always better behaved for me than they are for you! Sorry!


After photo day, I will sort through the images, choose the best of the best and hand edit each one in line with my signature editing style. I will typically remove any temporary blemishes like scratches or bruises if possible. 


When the images are ready, your child will be sent home with a QR card unique to them. Use the details on this card to log in to view your images and choose what you would like to buy. There is no obligation to buy anything at all if you don't want to. If you opt for digital files, they will be available for download immediately. Any printed items will be sent home with your child once they are ready.


So What Can I Buy?

Once your photos are ready, you can view your gallery and choose what you would like from the online shop. 

You can choose digital images, loose prints, mounted prints, desk frames or some fun keepsakes like keyrings and magnets. There will also be great value packages available too so you can make sure you have enough prints to give out to loved ones, whilst saving a little money at the same time. 

PLUS 10% of my net profits will be donated to the nursery or preschool.

| Loose prints start at £8.95 |

| Digital images start at £19.95 |

| Packages start at £24.95 |

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