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Why Autumn is the BEST Season for Family Photos

best season for family photos

Autumn is, hands down, my most favourite season for family photos. It's actually my most favourite season full stop. I'm one of those people that prefer the in-between seasons to the hazy, lazy days of summer.

I love the darker mornings because even the tiniest sliver of light wakes me up. In the summer this can be 4am! No one should start their day at 4am!

I also like the darker evenings because I love getting snuggly. Drawing the curtains, turning on all the lamps (I hate the big ceiling lights, never use them) and lighting the wood burning stove. Well, when I say lighting it, I mean I love getting my husband to light it. There's a definite knack to it. One I have yet to master.

I adore the cosiness, the softer light, the warm knits, hats, boots, coats. I have a lot of coats. I have a lot of boots too truth be told. Halloween, pumpkins, bonfires, fireworks, marshmallows. But I mostly love the dazzling display that nature puts on for us. All those reds, yellows, oranges.

So in my humble opinion, autumn is simply the best season for family photos. And here are a few reasons, from a photographer's point of view, why you should book yourself in for that autumn family photoshoot.

The oh so pretty light

With us photographers, it's all about the light. In summer, the sun rises high in the sky and is properly fierce. So shooting early is a must otherwise we have to deal with that bright, unflattering light and the way it casts harsh shadows on your faces and makes you all squint.

But once autumn rolls around, that light is a whole lot more flattering. Plus, a 'golden hour' family photoshoot becomes a lot easier to fit in around your young kids and their routines. For those of you who are wondering, golden hour is the hour just before sunset or sunrise when the light is super soft and, well... golden. It means we can easily squeeze in a family shoot after school but before dinner. Winner!

autumn family photoshoot

The gorgeous autumnal hues

Who doesn't love those rich reds, vibrant yellows and burnt oranges? Who doesn't love the crunch of the fallen leaves as you skip through them, or the delight you get from chucking them up in the air for the kids (or the dog)?

For a family photographer like me, who focuses solely on capturing natural, light-filled images of families in the great outdoors, there really is no better backdrop.

autumn family photoshoot

The cosy clothes

I do love me some layers! And personally the thought of a cosy jumper hiding that extra bit of weight (thanks Lockdown 1.0, Lockdown 2.0 and yes you too Lockdown 3.0) is actually quite appealing!

Chances are it will still be warm enough that you can ditch the winter coats and just layer up with some chunky knits, some checked shirts, jeans and boots. Throw in a cute hat, a pretty scarf and you're ready to go.

There's also a definite colour palette for autumn family photoshoots too and if you book your session with me I'll send you tonnes of what-to-wear advice, tailored specifically to this most beautiful of seasons.

autumn family photoshoots

Get your Christmas shopping done

What if you could finally tick off getting some proper family photos done, nice ones that you are actually in, AND get some Christmas shopping done at the same time?

I don't know about you, but I don't know a grandparent who wouldn't be absolutely thrilled with a framed photo or two of their adorable grandkids.

christmas gift family photos

Plus, whilst family photo Christmas cards have long been a tradition with our friends across the pond, they are becoming a lot more common here too. So as well as ticking some gift-buying off your list, you could also get your Christmas cards done too. Which I think is a lovely idea given how little we have all seen of our friends and family this past year and a half.

All the normal reasons apply too

So if you manage to resist the allure of the pretty light, the colours, the clothes and the Christmas shopping, then perhaps all the normal reasons we book a family photoshoot will hook you.

You know... that your kids are just growing up so damn fast. That every time you stop and take a good look at them, you notice that they've gone and grown another foot. And there is also the fact that you take all the photos of everyone so you're not actually in any - well, apart from the selfies and they don't count because they're just never that flattering. Ever. And you owe it to yourselves and your children to get in the photos.


Autumn is my busiest time of year, so it's never to early to secure your date for an autumn family photoshoot. Just drop me a line!


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