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Winter Family Photography: What To Wear

What to wear during a winter family photography photoshoot


Got a winter family photography session coming up? Then it's time to start thinking about what you might wear. These images will be displayed on your walls for years to come. They'll be passed down to your children and your children’s children. So you should spend a little time considering what you are all going to wear. Top tip? Avoid Peppa Pig dresses or Thomas the Tank Engine shirts and follow these simple tips…

What to wear during a winter family photography photoshoot


Winter in the UK can mean low levels of light and pale, muted colours. So you shouldn’t shy away from choosing brighter colours for your clothing. At this time of the year hues such as navy blues, deep reds and berry colours, mustard yellows, forest greens, dark browns and greys can all work really well with a wintery outdoor landscape. You can also choose paler, more neutral colours to complement the surroundings such as pale pinks, blush and nude colours or blues and creams.

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I would advise you to pick an outfit for one person that you love and co-ordinate (but don’t match) everyone else’s outfits with it. Be careful to avoid choosing too many different colours or patterns though. The interest and textures should be in the landscape we shoot in, which will allow the focus to remain where it should - your little ones and their gorgeous faces.

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We can be pretty sure that it will be cold during a winter family photography session in the UK. So dress the kids in layers to make sure they stay warm and opt for lovely winter accessories like knitted scarves, winter boots, hats and gloves that go with their outfits. These will add interest to your images and make sure everyone stays nice and warm.

If you need some more inspiration, check out my winter family photography Pinterest board for some ideas on what to wear. You might also be interested in this recent winter family photoshoot in Surrey.


If you want to more advice on what to wear for your winter family photography shoot, or would like to book a session, just give me a shout.


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