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Kent Maternity Photoshoot in Sidcup

I really enjoyed this summer outdoor maternity photoshoot with a lovely family from Sidcup in (or near!) Kent. Mum, dad and a cheeky little 14-month-old boy who was all set to become a big brother a few months later.

They are lucky enough to live near some gorgeous meadows which made for a stunning backdrop for their maternity photography session.

maternity photographer kent sidcup

The Great British summer

We booked this Kent maternity photoshoot for the day that an intense heatwave broke in typical thundery fashion.

It was actually raining when the family woke up but after studying all 97 of my weather apps we decided to risk it and I'm so glad we did.

By the time I arrived, we had glorious early morning hazy sunshine.

A gorgeous location for a Kent maternity photoshoot

When we arrived at Foots Cray Meadows I did a little happy dance inside. An arched bridge. A winding river. Huge weeping willows. Majestic swans. Just gorgeous.

I'm now secretly hoping that every maternity photoshoot enquiry I get is from Sidcup just so I can go back there...

maternity photoshoot kent sidcup

The idea behind this maternity photoshoot was to capture some images before mum got too big and uncomfortable. And to make her feel beautiful.

"I'm just finding I'm not in a very photogenic stage at the moment and it takes a lot to find a pic I'm happy with!! Hence calling in a professional!!!"

I think the photos back me up when I say she had absolutely nothing to worry about...

maternity photoshoot kent sidcup

You know it's been a good session when...

... you get photobombed by a swan!

maternity photoshoot kent sidcup

When there was three

What a lovely little boy! He's going to be a wonderful big brother when they become a family of four. But they'll always have these photos of when it was just the three of them.

What to wear for a summer maternity photoshoot

Once they've booked, most people tend to worry a bit about what to wear to their maternity photoshoot. Well, don't you worry! I'll send you a custom maternity session guide, tailored to the season, which is full of advice on what to wear for your family photos.

You can also check out my maternity Pinterest board for more inspiration on what to wear to your maternity photography session


Are you interested in booking your own maternity photoshoot in Kent? I also cover Surrey and Sussex too. Then you can find out more about my maternity sessions here.


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