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Surrey Family Photoshoot in the Lavender Field

lavender fields photographer surrey

Mother Nature only gives us a few weeks a year to enjoy this spectacular sight. But with a lavender fields family photoshoot, you can enjoy it all year round. Here are a few snaps of a daddy and his daughter playing in these amazing purple fields. This beautiful lavender field is at Mayfield Lavender in Surrey.

lavender fields photographer surrey

Have you ever dismissed the idea of a photoshoot because you think your kids will be grumpy all the way through? Then take some inspiration from these images. This little one wasn't in the best of moods for most of the shoot. But you'd never know it looking at these photos! Life as a 3 year old can be tough sometimes...

You can get some tips on what to wear during an outdoors family photography session in the summer on my Pinterest board. You can also read about some other outdoors sessions here.


With these lavender photoshoots, I pick the date and location and you pick the time. You can find out more about them here. Those on my waiting list get priority access for a whole 48 hours, so if you want to be the first to know when next years sessions drop, you need to get on that list! If that's too long to wait, why not check out my other Mini Sessions.


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