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Newborn Photographer Surrey: An Outdoor Newborn Photoshoot at Nonsuch Park

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newborn photographer surrey

As a newborn photographer in Surrey, every photoshoot brings with it a unique narrative, and this family's session at Nonsuch Park was no exception.

A newborn and a lively 2-year-old amidst the scenic beauty of Nonsuch Park. This is why I love outdoor newborn photoshoots!


Nonsuch Park was an ideal canvas for this family's story. Choosing a location for a photoshoot is more than just finding a hedge to plop the family in front of.

It's about choosing somewhere with beautiful natural light, depth, interest and the right palette of colours. And Nonsuch Park is just a delight.

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newborn photographer surrey


As a newborn photographer in Surrey, it was lovely to photograph this family. Their gorgeous little newborn baby girl was a week or so old and such a dream.

They are also blessed with a 2 year old daughter who was honestly just a joy to be around. Happy, chatty and hospitable - she kindly invited me back to hers for a babyccino afterwards! I politely declined...

As I was photographing them I knew it was going to become one of my favourite sessions and I was right!


Working with a family that includes both a newborn and a toddler adds an extra layer of challenge and delight.

newborn photographer surrey

The delicate balance of capturing the serene innocence of a newborn and the boundless energy of a 2 year old is a dance that requires patience, creativity and an understanding of the unique dynamics within the family unit.

It's also a lot of fun!


One of the most rewarding aspects of this outdoor newborn photoshoot was witnessing and capturing the love between the newborn and the 2-year-old. The curiosity, tenderness and genuine joy expressed was heartwarming.


Navigating the lush surroundings of Nonsuch Park, I aim to freeze not just moments but emotions – the tiny newborn, the infectious laughter of her older sister, and the sweet moments between parents and their children.

Through a combination of natural light, candid moments, and carefully orchestrated poses, I strived to create a collection that told this family's story in a way that was authentic and timeless.

Navigating the nuances of a family with a newborn and a toddler is both a challenge and a privilege. The park's beauty served as the perfect stage for this family's story, allowing me to freeze the fleeting moments of love, laughter and connection.

As a Surrey newborn photographer, it was an honour to be part of their journey and to create images that will serve as a visual legacy for generations to come.

newborn photographer surrey



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