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Outdoor Family Photo Shoot: 5 Reasons Why Family Photos are Important

| Why family photos are important |

why family photos are important

In today's fast-paced digital age, where capturing and sharing moments has become effortless, the importance of family photos may seem a little inconsequential. But these visual memoirs that we proudly display around our homes, are more than just decor. They have a profound psychological impact on our children.

As a Surrey family photographer who specialises in outdoor family photo shoots, here are 5 reasons why family photos are so important to our children.

5 Reasons why family photos are important

1. Sense of belonging

Your family photos act as a real life, hold-in-your-hand connection to your family history. By seeing pictures of their family all over their home, children get a sense of belonging and a greater understanding of their identity.

Just seeing those family photos on the walls let's them know that they are a hugely important part of a loving network. It helps little ones understand their place within a larger family unit.

2. Emotional wellbeing and self esteem

As they grow, little ones go through a whole host of emotional experiences. When they see photos that capture happy and loving moments with their family, it does something amazing. It reinforces their self worth, boosts their confidence and enhances their emotional well being.

Family images can also be a great source of comfort during challenging times as they visually remind kids of happier times and the loving relationships that form the bedrock of their young lives.

why family photos are important

3. Memory formation and recall

Family photos act as memory anchors for children, playing a crucial role in memory formation and recall. By seeing these photos regularly, it reinforces their memories of shared experiences and special moments.

This act of reflection and reminiscing helps them make sense of their family history and to develop their own personal story within it. Over time, these memories contribute to a stronger sense of identity and resilience.

4. Strengthening family bonds

Seeing family photos all over their home encourages storytelling. Children are naturally curious little creatures and pictures act as visual cues that can start conversations and prompt questions about family members, events and traditions.

As we chat about the people and stories behind the photos, it helps kids gain a deeper understanding of their family's values, traditions and relationships which strengthens family bonds.

why family photos are important

5. Sense of continuity and resilience

Life changes and families experience various milestones, challenges and transitions. Family photos act as a reminder for children that no matter what is going on, they are part of a family that loves and supports them. This can help them navigate trickier times with more confidence and adaptability.


Are you ready to create lasting memories? Investing in professional family photography provides you with keepsakes you and your children will cherish for years to come. Get in touch now to book your outdoor family photoshoot in Surrey, Sussex or Kent.

why family photos are important


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