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Finding the Perfect Location for Your Family Photoshoot: Tips from a Surrey Family Photographer

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When it comes to family photography, choosing the right location for your photoshoot is hugely important. As a Surrey family photographer with years of experience, I understand the pivotal role that a well chosen location plays in capturing the essence and personality of your family.

From picturesque parks and gardens to charming heaths and commons, Surrey offers a wealth of options that can enhance the visual appeal of your family portraits. By carefully considering the surroundings and ambiance, I strive to find a beautiful backdrop that ensures that every photo is a cherished keepsake for years to come.

surrey family photographer

Location Scouting

I offer a full service, luxury family photography experience. One of the aspects this covers is location scouting.

This beautiful county has a wealth of great options. Sometimes my clients know exactly where they would like to have their Surrey family photoshoot. But more often that not I help them find the right location.

surrey family photographer

At the heart of my location selection process as a Surrey family photographer is a focus on depth and interest. I believe that a captivating backdrop can truly elevate the essence of your family portraits.

So, instead of opting for wide open spaces that may overpower the composition, I seek out locations surrounded by an abundance of tall trees, lush bushes, varied foliage and intriguing textures.

surrey family photographer

These elements not only frame your family beautifully but also add depth, creating a more intimate and engaging atmosphere in your photographs. By carefully curating the surroundings, I ensure that the visual elements harmoniously enhance the connection and interactions among your family members, resulting in captivating and heartfelt images that reflect your genuine bond.

Here are a few things I look for in finding the perfect backdrop for your Surrey family photoshoot.

Natural beauty

Surrey offers a plethora of picturesque locations that can really enhance the beauty of your family photos. Think parks, gardens, heaths or commons. I tend to favour somewhere that is a bit more natural and wild rather than pristine and manicured but both types of locations work well.

surrey family photographer

Depth and interest

I tend to avoid wide open spaces when selecting a location for your family photoshoot. Whilst big skies can be breathtaking, they can sometimes overpower the composition and draw attention away from your lovely family. And we don't want that!

So I look for locations surrounded by lots of tall trees, bushes, shrubs, and foliage of different heights. This can help create a more intimate and focused atmosphere in your photographs. These elements frame your family and add depth to the images.

surrey family photographer

Lighting conditions

Lighting plays a crucial role in photography, so as a Surrey family photographer, I pay close attention to the time of day and the direction of sunlight at your chosen location.

If it's not somewhere I know, I will make time to head over there before our session to find the perfect spot.

Early mornings and open shade provide soft and flattering lighting and I avoid the harsh midday sun at all costs! And don't be disappointed if you wake up on the morning of our session to a cloudy sky. Clouds are a natures very on soft boxes and I will be doing little jumps of joy!

surrey family photographer

Space and privacy

I also consider your privacy during the photoshoot and look for locations that aren't very busy, where you won't have an audience. Because no one wants to be watched by hordes of people whilst they're having their photos taken!

When there is space and a degree of privacy, you can be yourselves, allowing me to capture candid and genuine moments without interference from onlookers or distractions.

surrey family photographer


Grandparents often join sessions and babies and young children come with lots of paraphernalia, so wherever we go needs to be easily accessible.

Pathways and nearby parking just make everything that bit easier.

surrey family photographer

Seasonal variations

Our distinct seasons provide their own unique charm. As a Surrey family photographer, I consider the time of year and how it will impact the location we choose.

Spring and summer bring vibrant colours and blooming flowers, while autumn offers beautiful foliage and if you know where to go, winter can look stunning too.


By choosing the right location we can ensure that your family remains the focal point of the photos, resulting in more impactful and cohesive images.


Ready to capture timeless memories of your family in Surrey? Contact me today to discuss your family photoshoot and secure your session. Let's create stunning and meaningful photographs that you will cherish for a lifetime. Book your Surrey family photoshoot now.


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