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What to Expect at an Outdoor Newborn Photoshoot

| Outdoor Newborn Photoshoot |

Welcoming a newborn into your family is an amazing milestone that deserves to be documented. One of the best ways to capture this beautiful but oh so fleeting moment is with a newborn photoshoot.

While indoor studios or at home sessions are certainly convenient, many parents opt for outdoor newborn photos to embrace the beauty of our natural world. Why? Check this out.

outdoor newborn photoshoot


Choosing the right outdoor location sets the stage for creating your beautiful outdoor newborn photos. Explore nearby parks, gardens or natural landscapes that offer a serene backdrop. Incorporating blooming flowers, lush greenery or a scenic view can really enhance the beauty of the photographs.

outdoor newborn photoshoot

My outdoor newborn photoshoots are full service, so whilst some of my clients know exactly where they would like their photoshoot to take place, most do not. I am always on the lookout for good locations and if I don't already have one in mind for you, I will go out and find one. It's more than just looking for a nice hedge for you to sit in front of.

You can read more about what is involved in choosing the perfect location for your outdoor newborn photoshoot here.


Once we know where your session is, the next factor to consider is the right time of day. Light is everything in photography and the most flattering light is early mornings or late evenings. The soft, warm light adds a magical touch to the images and minimizes harsh shadows.

outdoor newborn photoshoot

I tend to find that early mornings work best for outdoor newborn photos as the baby is often more alert. The exact timing can be worked around any feeding or sleep schedule you may have to make sure we capture your little one at their happiest and most content.


What you dress your newborn and the rest of your family in can really impact the overall look and feel of the photoshoot. Opt for soft, comfortable clothing that fits well but doesn't overwhelm or restrict movement. Light-coloured, neutral outfits work well for outdoor sessions as they blend harmoniously with the natural surroundings.

outdoor newborn photoshoot

Once they've booked a session, most people tend to worry a bit about what to wear to their outdoor newborn photoshoot. Well don't you worry! I'll send you a custom session guide, tailored to the season, which is packed full of advice on what to wear for your newborn photography session. You can also check out my <Pinterest board> for more inspiration on what you can wear for your outdoor newborn photoshoot.


Newborns have their own schedule and temperament, and it's important to approach the photoshoot with patience and flexibility. Be prepared for breaks, feeding sessions and nappy changes. It's perfectly normal for your baby to become fussy or sleepy during the session, so embrace these natural moments and capture the true essence of their personality. Remember, the goal is to capture authentic and heartfelt images that reflect the uniqueness of your little one. We can stop as often as we need to and it's not something you need to stress or worry about.

outdoor newborn photoshoot



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