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Baby Photoshoot: 5 Reasons Why Outdoors is Better

Thinking of booking a baby photoshoot? Excellent idea! Because babies grow at an astonishing rate, seemingly changing right before your very eyes. Those chubby cheeks and adorable squishiness don’t last very long at all. And before you know it, you’ll find it hard to remember just how itty bitty they once were. As the mother of a 10 year old, trust me I know!

So booking a baby photography session during their first year is a decision you will always applaud yourself for. A beautiful way to document such a precious, fleeting time and to capture all of those little details you don’t ever want to forget.

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As you start looking into booking a baby photoshoot, you’ll discover there are many different styles to choose from. You are probably most familiar with the highly stylized studio sessions, where sleepy newborns are posed on blanket-covered bean bags with cute little knitted hats. You can also choose a documentary-style session at home which aims to capture snippets of you going about your everyday life with your baby.

I started out dong those posed newborn studio sessions, but very quickly discovered that my passion lies with outdoor baby photography. I now shoot exclusively outdoors. Here are 5 reasons why I love outdoor baby photoshoots.

Why an outdoor baby photoshoot is better

baby photoshoot surrey sussex kent

1. Keeping your baby photoshoot relaxed and fun

An outdoor baby photoshoot not only captures beautiful moments but it’s also a great way to keep it fun and interesting for both you and your child. Being outside allows more space and freedom to roam around, which will make the session less of a chore for parents and more exciting for little ones. Babies can get restless very quickly in indoor settings under harsh lights, but by taking them outside they can channel their boundless energy through exploration and discovery.

baby photoshoot surrey sussex kent

2. An outdoor baby photoshoot helps you forge a connection with nature

An outdoor baby photoshoot is a lovely way to nurture your baby's connection with nature. During an outdoor photography session, your baby will come into contact with all the amazing sights and sounds of the natural landscape. They’ll feel the breeze and the sun on their skin, hear the birds tweeting and the rustling of leaves, they’ll see and smell the flowers, the colours, the textures. There are a plethora of compelling reasons to take your baby outside as much as possible.

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3. Age ain’t nothing but a number

It doesn’t matter how old your baby is. For those styled newborn sessions, most photographers will require your baby to be between 5 and 10 days old. But for an outdoor baby photoshoot, it really doesn’t matter how old they are. Young babies that can’t sit or walk yet will spend the session right where they are happiest - in your arms. If your baby is sitting, crawling or walking then the session will largely be led by your baby. Are they happier toddling around than being held? Then that’s what we’ll do. Do they prefer snuggles to sitting on the grass? That’s fine too!

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4. It doesn’t matter if your house is not a show home

With an at home photoshoot, the final look and feel of your images is going to be heavily influenced by... the look and feel of your home. We don’t all live in light, bright, well-lit show homes. Even if you do, decor does date and it will date your images. But trees and shrubs and flowers? Well, they won’t go out of fashion! And as another bonus, an outdoor baby photoshoot means you don’t have to do a deep clean and a massive tidy-up before your photographer arrives!

baby photoshoot surrey sussex kent

5. Beautiful, natural light

Last, but no means least, one of the best reasons to take your baby outside for photographs is the beautiful natural light. Natural outdoor light gives a unique quality and ambiance to portraits that you simply cannot get indoors with artifical lighting.

baby photoshoot surrey sussex kent


I offer a luxury outdoor photography experience. Which means I will make this as easy and relaxed for you as possible and I will hold your hand through the entire process.


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