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What to Expect from an Outdoor Family Photoshoot

what to expect family photoshoot

Wondering what to expect from an family photoshoot outdoors? What you get depends very much on the family photographer you choose.

We all have our own way of running our sessions and that's because we also all have our own vision of what an awesome family gallery looks like.

For me, an awesome gallery is quite simply one that you love. And for you to love it, it needs to be filled with images that reflect you and your family at this moment in time.

If that means that every shot of your newborn is them nestled snug in your arms because they cry every time you put them down, then that's what we need to capture.

If that means your 2 year old chasing bubbles or picking flowers, then that's what we need to capture.

I will always try and bank a few of those everyone-looking-at-the-camera-shots, but by and large I'll be looking for natural images of you all interacting and having fun together.

Because I don't want you to not really recognise yourself in the photos that adorn your walls.

So, here's what you can expect from an outdoor family photoshoot with me.

5 types of images you can expect

I do have one little caveat here though.

As you'll be all to aware, babies and children can be a law unto themselves. I won't push anyone to do anything they aren't up for so this is a list of shots I aim to capture, not that I guarantee to capture.

Because to guarantee anything when small kids are involved would be quite foolish!

what to expect family photoshoot

1. Those gorgeous natural family shots

Want to know a secret? Most people don't find it easy to be 'natural' in front of the camera. So you might be worried that you'll turn up and I'll just expect you to know what to do.

But here's the thing. Many of those natural, candid shots are actually the result of a little gentle prompting from me.

You'll hear me yelling out things like have a big family cuddle, give mummy a kiss on the cheek, everyone look at the person who has the smelliest far... feet!

So don't worry, I will be prompting and guiding you the whole way. That is, of course unless you don't need me too, in which case just do your thang.

what to expect family photoshoot

2. Everyone looking at the camera and (hopefully) smiling

I'll always try and bank a few of these shots at my outdoor family photoshoots. Even if you think you don't want this kind of photo, you will end up loving them because they can be so hard to get yourself!

Plus, grandparents tend to prefer these kinds of images. So that's Christmas presents sorted!

I tend to capture these once everyone's relaxed into the session.

I might have you all doing that big family cuddle, giggling and laughing with each other. Then I'll ask you all to look at me. And bingo. You're all looking AND you all have real genuine smiles.

what to expect family photoshoot

2. Each parent with the children

If you're a two parent family, I'll aim to capture shots of each of you with each child, and if you have more than one little one, I'll try and get images of each of you with all of your kids together too.

I love seeing the different connections each parent has with each child.

You'll love seeing it too. Especially, if like most mums, you're the one who takes all the photos and you don't actually have any of you with your little ones. Not decent ones anyway.

3. Individual child portraits

I love these shots. Close ups of your little ones before they grow up any more.

They might be looking at my camera, perhaps searching for the little unicorn or dinosaur that lives inside my lens. Or they might be looking at you which always elicits a lovely genuine smile. They might be smelling a flower or looking off thoughtfully into the distance.

4. Siblings together

If you have more than one child, I'll aim to capture lots of photos of them together, to capture that magical sibling bond. No matter what that bond looks like sometimes!

what to expect family photoshoot


If you're looking to a book a family photoshoot outdoors, please do get in touch. I'd love to hear from you. I cover areas in Surrey, Sussex and Kent.


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